Public Records and TELUS present… “Making Music Videos”

Meet the team behind the video shoot of Bear Mountains new single, Faded. In the web series, each crew member shares their perspective on how to make a music video on a small budget and a tight timeline.

Ideas from a Cinematographer – Stefan Berill

A freelance director, producer, editor and cinematographer – Stefan Berrill is well known in the Vancouver area for creating unforgettable videos on budget and on time. 

·      Use technology strategically

·      Lighting is essential

·      Maximize your resources

·      Small budgets encourage creativity

The second video in a series presented by Public Records and TELUS.

An award-winning graduate from the University of British Columbia Film Program, Ryan’s mixed narrative and experimental documentary short films received accolades, including an Honorable Mention at the Montreal World Film Festival, and a selection by the National Film Board of Canada, to be shortlisted for the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival. Currently, you can find Ryan working as a Producer and Director for On Demand Production Network ( in Vancouver BC.

When making a music video on a small budget, Ryan recommends:
· Make sure everyone is on the same page
· Have a DIY attitude
· Manage great ideas
· Run the project like a small business

The first video in a series presented by Public Records and TELUS.

Matt Leaf is a Vancouver based Director and Cinematographer. His first industry job was as a betacam operator for MTV Canada where he worked with artists from Jay Z to Marilyn Manson to Ben Affleck. Matt’s portfolio includes projects for: Universal Music, CTV, MTV, Much Music, EMI, OLN, OWN, Red Bull, 604 Records and more. He has worked as a writer, producer, editor, and has goals of becoming a staff writer for “South Park”.

When making a music video on a small budget, Matt recommends:
• Be inspired by the band and collaborate on ideas
• Know your craft and be prepared
• Communicate your plan to the team
• Be flexible

• Your social network is a great resource

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